Camille Pissarro

Square at La Roche-Guyon

Camille Pissarro - Square at La Roche-Guyon


Pissarro 2005 104 info


Inherited by Julie Pissarro, the artist's wife, in 1904
sale, Coll. C.P., Paris, Galerie Georges Petit, 3 December 1928, nr. 47 to Dorville
Armand Dorville, Paris
sale, Cabinet d'un amateur parisien [A. Dorville], Nice, Hall du Savoy, 24-27 June 1942, nr. 362
with A. Tooth & Sons, london, c. 1946
sold by A. Tooth & Sons to the Earl of Warwick, UK, on 5 April 1950
[bought back from the Earl of Warwick? by] A. Tooth & Sons, London, c. 1958, then sold to the Nationalgalerie, Berlin, in 1961

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Camille Pissarro
Square at La Roche-Guyon
50 x 61 cm
Oil on canvas
Nationalgalerie, Berlin