Vincent van Gogh - Rain


Catalogues raisonnés
F 650
JH 1839

Collection catalogues
Peter C. Sutton, Northern European Paintings in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, 1990, nr. 36 info

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2012 Van Gogh: Up Close


Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, Amsterdam (widow of Theo van Gogh), sold to von Tschudi, April 1903
Hugo von Tschudi (1851-1911), Berlin
by inheritance to his widow Angela von Tschudi, Munich, who placed it on extended loan to the Neue Pinakothek, Munich
sold to Paul Rosenberg & Co., Paris and New York, 1928, until 1949
sold to Henry P. McIlhenny, Philadelphia, 19 May 1949
bequest to PMA, 1986

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Philadelphia Museum of Art Accession number 1986-26-36

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Vincent van Gogh
74.3 x 93.1 cm
Oil on canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
The Henry P. McIlhenny Collection in memory of Frances P. McIlhenny