Francisco Goya

New Stagecoaches

Francisco Goya - New Stagecoaches

Francisco Goya
New Stagecoaches
191 x 152 mm
Black crayon on paper
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Arthur Tracey Cabot Fund


2006 Goya's Last Works, Nr. 30


1828, by inheritance from the artist to his son, Javier Goya y Bayeu (born 1784–died 1854), Madrid
1854, by inheritance to his son, Mariano Goya y Goicoechea (born 1806–died 1874), Madrid
about 1855¬60, sold by Mariano Goya to Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz (born 1815–died 1894), Madrid
before 1869, acquired from Federico de Madrazo by Jules Boilly (born 1796–died 1874), Paris
19-20 March 1869, sold at Boilly’s sale, Hôtel Drouot, nr. 48 (an album of twenty drawings), to Leurceau
possibly sold by Leurceau to Hyadès (an army inspector), Bordeaux
private collection, Paris
by 1933, Alfred Strölin (dealer, born 1871–died 1954), Paris and Lausanne
1953, sold by Frederick Strölin, Lausanne, to the MFA, accession date 12 November 1953

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Museum of Fine Arts Accession number 53.2376

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