Paul CÚzanne - The mill


Catalogues raisonnÚs
R 763

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Other works by Paul Cezanne

Paul CÚzanne Tulips in a Vase
Tulips in a Vase

Paul CÚzanne Woman with a Coffeemaker
Woman with a Coffeemaker
c. 1895

Paul CÚzanne Self-Portrait in a Casquette
Self-Portrait in a Casquette
c. 1875

Paul CÚzanne Still Life with Flowers in an Olive Jar
Still Life with Flowers in an Olive Jar
c. 1880

Paul CÚzanne
The mill
c. 1892-94
73 x 92.4 cm
Oil on canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll S. Tyson Jr. Collection