Nicolaes Ruts

Rembrandt - Nicolaes Ruts

Nicolaes Ruts
116.8 x 87.3 cm
Oil on panel
The Frick Collection, New York


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 670
Bredius 145
Bauch 348 info
Gerson 53
Bredius/Gerson 145 info
Corpus II A 43
Tümpel 189
Corpus VI 59 info
Manuth 176
Giltaij 165

Collection catalogues
The Frick Collection, an illustrated Catalogue, New York, 1968, Volume I, pp. 252-257 info

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1898 De Rembrandt tentoonstelling te Amsterdam, Nr. 18bis


  • Susanna Ruts
  • Ruts family
  • Owned in 1799 by Joost Romswinckel, Leyden, and still in his collection, in The Hague, in 1817
  • Anthony Meynts sale, 15 July 1823 (Lugt 10495), Amsterdam, nr. 107, sold to Brondgeest, possibly for the Queen of the Netherlands
  • Willem II, King of the Netherlands, sale, 12 August 1850 (Lugt 19978), The Hague, nr. 86, sold to Weimer, The Hague
  • Adrian Hope sale, 30 June 1894, Christie’s (Lugt 52784), nr. 57, sold to Agnew
  • Joseph Ruston, Monk’s Manor, Lincoln
  • His sale, 21 and 23 May 1898, Christie’s (Lugt 56343), nr. 95, sold to Colnaghi
  • Bought (through E. Fischof, Paris) by Comte Boni de Castellane, Paris
  • Bought (before 1903) by J. Pierpont Morgan, and brought by him to New York in 1912
    with Knoedler, 1943
  • Frick, 1943

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Frick Collection, New York Accession number 1943.1.150

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