Vincent van Gogh

Portrait of Camille Roulin?

Vincent van Gogh - Portrait of Camille Roulin?

Vincent van Gogh
Portrait of Camille Roulin?
43.2 x 35 cm
Oil on canvas
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Rodolphe Meyer de Schauensee, 1973


Catalogues raisonnés
F 537
JH 1644

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Peter C. Sutton, Northern European Paintings in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, 1990, nr. 34 info

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Joseph Roulin, Marseille
Ambroise Vollard, Paris
Amédée Schuffenecker, Paris
J. Meier-Graefe, Berlin
sold in May 1905 to Paul Cassirer, who sold it back to Meier-Graefe in October 1909
sold again to Cassirer in October 1912
with Paul Cassirer, Berlin, sold to Caspari 5 April 1916
with Georg Caspari, Munich
with Thannhauser Art Gallery, Lucerne
A. Lewisohn, New York
Marius de Zayas, New York by 1921
M. de Zayas sale, Anderson Gallery, New York, 23-24 March 1923, nr. 85
with J.K. Thannhauser, New York
Joseph Stransky, New York, by 1934
with Wildenstein and Company, New York
Valentine Gallery, New York
Mr and Mrs Rodolphe Meyer de Schauensee, Devon, Pennsylvania, April 1940

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Philadelphia Museum of Art Accession number 1973-129-1

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