Philippe de Champaigne

The Annunciation

Philippe de Champaigne - The Annunciation


Catalogues raisonnés
Everett Fahy (ed.), The Wrightsman pictures, New York; New Haven, 2005, nr. 42

Vanessa I. Schmid, with Julia I. Armstrong-Totten, The Orléans collection, Lewes, UK, 2018, fig. 3.5


Anne of Austria, her oratory in the Palais Royal, Paris, c. 1644–died 1666
Louis Philippe Joseph, duc d'Orléans, Palais Royal, Paris, by at least 1788, probably until died 1793
M.*** (possibly J.A. Lebrun or vicomte Edouard de Walckiers), until 1793
anonymous sale, Paillet, Paris, (26-27 April on catalogue frontispiece, but sale postponed) 10 May 1793, nr. 33
?Khiening, Carinthia, Austria
Henri family, Germany
Jean François André Duval, St. Petersburg, by 1812–16, later Ghent, 1816–45, sold entire collection to Morny
Charles-Auguste-Louis-Joseph de Morny, duc de Morny, Paris, 1845–46
"Duval" sale, Phillips, London, 12-13 May 1846, nr.
sale, Fischer, Lucerne, 19-24 November 2003, nr. 1018 to Williams
with Adam Williams Fine Art, New York, 2003–4, sold to MMA

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 2004.31

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Philippe de Champaigne
The Annunciation
c. 1644
71.4 x 72.9 cm
Oil on wood
Signed lower left, on prie-dieu: P . CHAMPAIGNE . F
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Wrightsman Fund, 2004