Isaac Blessing Jacob

Rembrandt - Isaac Blessing Jacob


Benesch 508

J. Bolten, Dutch drawings from the collection of Dr. Hofstede de Groot, Utrecht, 1967, nr. 59 info


Collection Barnard
collection Reynolds
collection Lawrence, 1835
sale Esdaile, London, Christie's, 18 May 1840, nr. 47 (Lugt 15865)
sale Woodburn, London, Christie's, 4 June 1860, nr. 778 (Lugt 25634)
with Colnaghi
sale London, 20 July 1914, nr. 44
sale Hilgrove Cox, London, 8 March 1922, nr. 62
with Hollandsche Kunsthandel, Amsterdam, 1923
collection Hofstede de Groot
bequest to Groninger Museum voor Stad en Lande

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Isaac Blessing Jacob
c. 1640-42
125 x 174 mm
Pen and bistre, wash, some white bodycolour
Groninger Museum, Groningen
C. Hofstede de Groot Bequest