Paul CÚzanne

Madame CÚzanne

Paul CÚzanne - Madame CÚzanne


R 607

Joseph J. Rishel and Katherine Sachs (eds.), CÚzanne and Beyond, Philadelphia; New Haven and London, 2009, plate 36


2017 CÚzanne Portraits, Nr. 39

Other works by Paul Cezanne

Paul CÚzanne Bather at a rock
Bather at a rock
early 1860s

Paul CÚzanne Landscape near Aix
Landscape near Aix
c. 1866

Paul CÚzanne Countryside at Bellevue
Countryside at Bellevue

Paul CÚzanne The cabanon of Jourdan
The cabanon of Jourdan

Paul CÚzanne
Madame CÚzanne
c. 1888
125.4 x 105.4 cm
Oil on canvas
The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit
Bequest of Robert H. Tannahill