Jan Steen

The village school

Jan Steen - The village school


Catalogues raisonnÚs
HdG 285
Braun 198

Collection catalogues
Homan Potterton, Dutch seventeenth and eighteenth century paintings in the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, 1986, pp. 145-148, fig. 153

Wayne Franits, Dutch Seventeenth-Century Genre Painting, New Haven, 2004, fig. 197
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Izaak Hoogenbergh sale, Hayman, Amsterdam, 10 April 1743, nr. 42
bt. W. Lormier
W. Lormier sale, The Hague, 4 July 1763, nr. 246
probably Greffier Fagel, The Hague
thence by descent to the Countess of Holderness
probably Countess of Holderness, decd. sale, Christie's, 6 March 1802, nr. 110
bt. Dermer
'Property of a Gentleman' sale, Christie's, 8 February 1806, nr. 105
G.J. Cholmondeley by 1818
G.J. Cholmondeley sale, Squibb, London, 23 April 1831, nr. 15
with Colnaghi
from whom purchased by The National Gallery of Ireland, 1879

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c. 1653

Jan Steen
The village school
110.5 x 80.2 cm
Oil on canvas
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin