Gerard ter Borch


Gerard ter Borch - Self-portrait


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 204
Gudlaugsson 232

Collection catalogues
Compiled by Quentin Buvelot, Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague; Zwolle, 2004, pp. 72-73


Herman Aarentz, Amsterdam, 1770
Johan van der Marck and heirs, Amsterdam, 1770-1773
sale P.F. Tiberghien, Brussels, 22 May 1827, nr. 308
Mauritshuis, The Hague, purchased 1827

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Mauritshuis, The Hague Accession number 177

Other works by Gerard ter Borch

Gerard ter Borch Helena van der Schalcke
Helena van der Schalcke
c. 1648

Gerard ter Borch The Knife Grinder
The Knife Grinder
c. 1653

Gerard ter Borch Woman Peeling Apples
Woman Peeling Apples
c. 1661

Gerard ter Borch Godard van Reede van Nederhorst
Godard van Reede van Nederhorst
c. 1646

Gerard ter Borch
c. 1668
62.7 x 43.7 cm
Oil on canvas
Mauritshuis, The Hague