Jan Steen

The Quaker

Jan Steen - The Quaker


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HdG 177
Braun 89

Ariane van Suchtelen, Jan Steen's histories, Zwolle; The Hague, 2018, p. 45, fig. 25

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RKD 6382
Rijksmuseum Accession number SK-A-387

Other works by Jan Steen

Jan Steen The satyr and the peasant
The satyr and the peasant
c. 1660

Jan Steen Self-Portrait as a Lutenist
Self-Portrait as a Lutenist

Jan Steen Scene at an Inn
Scene at an Inn
c. 1665

Jan Steen The Syrup Eater
The Syrup Eater
c. 1664-68

Jan Steen
The Quaker
c. 1660
37.5 x 52 cm
Oil on panel
Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem on loan from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam