The Three Ages of Man

Titian - The Three Ages of Man


Vanessa I. Schmid, with Julia I. Armstrong-Totten, The Orléans collection, Lewes, UK, 2018, fig. 6.3


Probably Emiliano Targone, Venice
by inheritance to Giovanni Bernardi da Castel Bolognese (1496-1553), Faenza, by 1548/9
Cardinal Otto Truchsess von Waldburg (1514-73), Augsburg and Dillingen
Matthäus Hopfer, Augsburg (died 1623)
Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689), Palazzo Riario, Rome, by c. 1662
by whom bequeathed to Cardinal Decio Azzolino (died 1689)
by inheritance to his nephew, Marchese Pomponio Azzolino
from whom purchased in 1692 by Prince Livio Odescalchi (died 1713)
by inheritance to Prince Odescalchi-Erba
from whom purchased in 1720 by Philippe, 2nd Duc d'Orléans (1674-1723)
by descent in the Orléans collection at the Palais Royal, Paris, to Louis-Philippe-Joseph, 5th Duc d'Orléans (Philippe Égalité)
by whom sold in 1791 to Viscount Walchiers
François de Laborde de Méréville
exhibited for sale at Bryan's Gallery, London, 1798-99 (nr. 278), but reserved for the 3rd Duke of Bridgewater
by inheritance to the 2nd Marquess of Stafford (later 1st Duke of Sutherland), Stafford House, London
by inheritance to Lord Francis Egerton, later 1st Earl of Ellesmere, Bridgewater House, London
by descent to the 7th Duke of Sutherland
on long-term loan to the Gallery since 1945

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90 x 151.7 cm
Oil on canvas
National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh
Duke of Sutherland Loan