Georges Seurat

Circus Sideshow

Georges Seurat - Circus Sideshow


Collection catalogues
introduction by Gary Tinterow, Masterpieces of European Painting, 1800-1920, in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; New Haven, 2007, nr. 166

Laurent Salomé (ed.), A City for Impressionism, Milan; Paris, 2010, p. 172, fig. 2


the artist, Paris, until died 1891
his mother, Mme Ernestine Seurat, Paris, 1891–at least 1892, and presumably until her death in 1898
the artist's brother and brother-in-law, Émile Seurat and Léon Appert, Paris, until 1900, sold through Félix Fénéon to Bernheim-Jeune
Josse and Gaston Bernheim-Jeune, Paris, 1900–1929, sold on 1 January 1929 to Reid & Lefevre and Knoedler
with Reid & Lefevre, Glasgow and London, and Knoedler, New York, jointly owned in half-shares, 1929–32, sold by Knoedler, in November 1932 to Clark
Stephen C. Clark, New York, 1932–died 1960

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 61.101.17

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Georges Seurat
Circus Sideshow
99.7 x 149.9 cm
Oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Bequest of Stephen C. Clark, 1960