Nicolaes Maes

The idle servant

Nicolaes Maes - The idle servant

Nicolaes Maes
The idle servant
70 x 53.3 cm
Oil on panel
Signed, bottom right: N. MAES. i655. (MAE in monogram)
The National Gallery, London


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Werner Sumowski, Gemälde der Rembrandt-Schüler III, Landau/Pfalz, 1986, nr. 1352
Krempel A9

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purchased in Leiden by Dr Sanderus
acquired from him in Amsterdam in 1823 by C.J. Nieuwenhuys and taken to Paris where he sold it
brought to England by John Smith
Richard Simmons, by 1833
National Gallery, London, Richard Simmons Bequest, 1847

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RKD 249559
National Gallery, London Accession number NG207

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