Portrait of a Man

Rembrandt - Portrait of a Man


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 743
Bredius 323
Bauch 445 info
Gerson 414
Bredius/Gerson 323 info
Tümpel 226
Corpus VI 315 info

Collection catalogues
Ursula Hoff with contributions by Emma Devapriam, European paintings before 1800 in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1995 pp. 232-234 info


2014 Rembrandt: The Late Works, Nr. 52
2003 Rembrandt Rembrandt, Nr. 46
1991 Rembrandt: the Master & his Workshop, Nr. 50
1956 Rembrandt - Paintings, Nr. 99


sale Vincent Donjeux, Paris 29 April 1793, nr. 148
collection of Heneage Finch, 5th Earl of Aylesford by 1836
Sir Alfred Beit by 1899
inherited by Sir Alfred Beit, nephew of Sir Alfred Beit
acquired from C. Marshall Spink, London by the National Gallery of Victoria, 1951

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Portrait of a Man
108.9 x 92.7 cm
Oil on canvas
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne