Johannes Vermeer

Mistress and Maid

Johannes Vermeer - Mistress and Maid


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 33 info
Walter Liedtke, Vermeer, New York, 2008, nr. 21

Collection catalogues
The Frick Collection, an illustrated Catalogue, New York, 1968, Volume I, pp. 296-299 info

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possibly Vermeer sale, 1696, Amsterdam, nr. 7
Lebrun sale, 22 March 1810, Paris, nr. 143, sold to Chevallier
Paillet sale, 1818, Paris
Duchesse de Berri sale, 4-6 April 1837, Paris, nr. 76
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E. Secrétan sale, 1 July 1889, Paris, nr. 139, sold to Sedelmeyer
A. Paulovtsof, St. Petersburg
Lawrie and Co. Sulley and Co., London (1905)
James Simon, Berlin
With Knoedler
Frick, 1919

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RKD 242355
Frick Collection, New York Accession number 1919.1.126

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Johannes Vermeer
Mistress and Maid
c. 1666-67
90.2 x 78.7 cm
Oil on canvas
The Frick Collection, New York