Jean-François Millet

Potato Planters

Jean-François Millet - Potato Planters

Jean-François Millet
Potato Planters
c. 1861
82.5 x 101.3 cm
Oil on canvas
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Maite van Dijk, Magne Bruteig and Leo Jansen (eds.), Munch : Van Gogh, Brussels; Amsterdam; Oslo, 2015, fig. 52


1862, sold by the artist to his dealers, Emile Blanc and Arthur Stevens, and exhibited at the Galerie Georges Petit
1867, M. Soultzener, Paris
13 March 1877, consigned anonymously to the Baron de Hauff sale, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, nr. 26
by 1879, Quincy Adams Shaw (born 1825 - died 1908), Boston
1917, gift of Quincy Adams Shaw, through Quincy Adams Shaw Jr., and Mrs. Marian Shaw Haughton, to the MFA, accession date 29 March 1917

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Museum of Fine Arts Accession number 17.1505

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