Girl at a window

Rembrandt - Girl at a window


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 330
Bredius 377
Bauch 269 info
Gerson 285
Bredius/Gerson 377 info
Tümpel 150
Corpus VI 220 info

Thijs Weststeijn, The visible world, Amsterdam, 2008, fig. 54
Ernst van de Wetering, Rembrandt in nieuw licht, Amsterdam, 2009, fig. 186
David de Witt, Leonore van Sloten, Jaap van der Veen, Rembrandt's Late Pupils, Amsterdam, 2015, fig. 3.5
Ernst van de Wetering, Rembrandt, Amsterdam, [2016], fig. 244


Johan Gabriel Stenbock (1640-1705), Sweden, probably acquired in Holland during the 1670s
his niece, Countess Christina Beata (Stina) Lillie (1677-1727), by inheritance
her son, Johan Gabriel Sack (1697-1751), Bergshammar, by inheritance
his widow, Eva Bielke (1706-1778), Bergshammar, by inheritance
King Gustav III of Sweden, bought from the latter's estate in 1779
Royal Museum, Stockholm, from 1795

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