Jan Steen

Sacrifice of Iphigenia

Jan Steen - Sacrifice of Iphigenia

Jan Steen
Sacrifice of Iphigenia
134.6 x 172.7 cm
Oil on canvas
The Leiden Collection, New York


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 74
Braun 342

Wouter Kloek, Jan Steen (1626-1679), Zwolle; Amsterdam, 2005, fig. 65
Ariane van Suchtelen, Jan Steen's histories, Zwolle; The Hague, 2018, p. 40, fig. 13


Willem Jacobsz. Van Heemskerk (1613–92), Leiden, until 1692
by descent to Willem Willemsz. Van Heemskerck (1648–95), Leiden, until 1695
by descent to Johanna van Sorgen (1646–1729), Leiden, until 1729
by descent to Leonard van Heemskerk (1689–1771), Leiden, until 1771
his sale, Leiden, Delfos, 2 September 1771, nr. 10 to Fouquet
Fouquet Collection
his sale, Langford’s, London, 10 February 1773, nr. 58
sale, Christie’s, London, 16–17 February 1781, nr. 94 to White
Lady Cremorne, 1842
Rawdon Collection, 1854
A. Preyer Collection, Versailles, 1926
sale, Amsterdam, Frederik Muller & Co., 8 November 1927 to Everh. Bakker for Vullinx, The Hague
with Jacques Goudstikker, 1928–40
confiscated by the Nazis, Hermann Göring, Carinhall, 13 July 1940
transported to Berchtesgaden, no. 5311, collecting point Munich, 1945, no. 5355
collection Dienst Voor’s Rijks Verspreide Kunstvoorwerpen, The Hague, 1948–60
on loan to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 1948–60, inv. SK-C-1399
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 1960–2006, inv. SK-A-3984
restituted to Jacques Goudstikker’s heir, Marei von Saher, Greenwich, Conn., 6 February 2006
with Simon Dickinson, New York, 2008
from whom acquired by the present owner

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RKD 6241
Leiden Collection, New York Accession number JS-112

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