Jan Steen

Samson and Delilah

Jan Steen - Samson and Delilah

Jan Steen
Samson and Delilah
67.5 x 82 cm
Oil on canvas
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 10
Kirschenbaum 10
Braun 297

Ariane van Suchtelen, Jan Steen's histories, Zwolle; The Hague, 2018, p. 27, fig. 26 (detail), p. 57, fig. 4 (detail)


2018 Jan Steen's Histories, Nr. 5
1996 Jan Steen, Painter and Storyteller, Nr. 34


Wijnand Coole sale, Rotterdam, 6 August 1782, nr. 65
Marquis de Chamgrand et al. sale, Paris, 20 March 1787, nr. 39 (600 livres to Donjeux)
Daniel de Jongh sale, Rotterdam, 26 March 1810 (370 guilders)
N. Oosthuyzen, The Hague
with Sedelmeyer, Paris
Oscar Huldschinsky, Berlin, 1898
his sale, Berlin (Cassirer-Helbing), 10-11 May 1928, nr. 36 (2,300 pounds to Julius Böhler)
L. van den Bergh (Wassenaar)
sale, Amsterdam (Mal< van Waay), 5-6 November 1935, nr. 29
with Bachstitz, The Hague, 1938
confiscated by the German occupying forces, c.1940-1945
returned to Stichting Nederlands Kunstbezit, 1946
restitution to Bachstitz's estate, 1951
sale Amsterdam (Paul Brandt), 24-25 May 1960, nr. 73
with S. Nystad, Lochem/The Hague
H.J. de Koster collection, Wassenaar, 1962
with Hoogsteder-Naumann, New York
gift of the Ahmanson Foundation, 1987

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art Accession number M.87.64

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