Jan Steen

Skittle Players outside an Inn

Jan Steen - Skittle Players outside an Inn


Catalogues raisonnÚs
HdG 737 and 738a
Braun 135

Collection catalogues
Neil MacLaren, revised and expanded by Christopher Brown, The Dutch school, 1600-1900, London, 1991, pp. 439-430, plate 355
Christopher Baker and Tom Henry, The National Gallery complete illustrated catalogue, London, 2001, p. 642

Wouter Kloek, Jan Steen (1626-1679), Zwolle; Amsterdam, 2005, fig. 91


1996 Jan Steen, Painter and Storyteller, Nr. 22
1976 Art in 17th-century Holland, Nr. 106

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National Gallery, London Accession number NG2560

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c. 1665

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c. 1664-68

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Jan Steen
Skittle Players outside an Inn
c. 1663
33.5 x 27 cm
Oil on panel
The National Gallery, London