Rembrandt - Andromeda


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 195
Bredius 462
Bauch 254 info
Gerson 55
Bredius/Gerson 462 info
Corpus I A 31 info
Tümpel 94
Corpus VI 41 info

Collection catalogues
Compiled by Quentin Buvelot, Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague; Zwolle, 2004, p. 260 info

Gary Schwartz, Rembrandt zijn leven, zijn schilderijen, Maarssen, 1984, fig. 111
Gemäldegalerie Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (ed.), Rembrandt, Köln, 2006, p. 121
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Charles de Proli, Antwerp, 1785
Armand de Mestral de St Saphorin, Vienna, 1805-1806
Countess d'Oultremont, Brussels
Richard Leeuwenhart van den Bosch, Brussels, 1905
Abraham Bredius, The Hague, 1906-1946 (on loan to the Mauritshuis since 1907)
bequest of Abraham Bredius, 1946

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RKD 2940
Mauritshuis, The Hague Accession number 707

Other works by Rembrandt

Rembrandt Bust of Christ
Bust of Christ

Rembrandt River Landscape with a Windmill
River Landscape with a Windmill
c. 1650-55

Rembrandt Portrait of a Young Woman Seated
Portrait of a Young Woman Seated

Rembrandt Portrait of Oopjen Coppit
Portrait of Oopjen Coppit

c. 1630/31
34.1 x 24.5 cm
Oil on panel
Mauritshuis, The Hague