Frans Hals


Frans Hals - Fisherboy


Seymour Slive, Frans Hals, London, 1970-72, nr. 73
Claus Grimm, Frans Hals, Stuttgart, 1989 as Master of the Fisherboy

Homan Potterton, Dutch seventeenth and eighteenth century paintings in the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, 1986, pp. 54-55, fig. 64 (as ascribed to Frans Hals)

Christopher D.M. Atkins, The Signature Style of Frans Hals, [Amsterdam], 2012, fig. 102 (as Frans Hals)


1989 Frans Hals, Nr. 36


John W. Wilson, Brussels by 1873
his sale, Paris 14-16 March 1881, nr. 60
where purchased ba The National Gallery of Ireland

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Frans Hals
c. 1630-32
72 x 58 cm
Oil on canvas
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin