Rembrandt - Aristotle

143.5 x 136.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Purchase, special contributions and funds given or bequeathed by friends of the Museum, 1961


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 413
Bredius 478
Bauch 207 info
Gerson 286
Bredius/Gerson 478 info
Tümpel 108
Corpus VI 228 info
Manuth 114
Giltaij 518

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1969 Rembrandt 1669/1969, Nr. 11


Don Antonio Ruffo, principe della Scaletta, Messina, Sicily, 1654–73
Don Placido Ruffo, principe della Scaletta, Messina, until 1710
Don Antonio Ruffo II, principe della Scaletta, Messina, 1710–39
Don Calogero Ruffo, principe della Scaletta, Messina, 1739–43
Don Giovanni Ruffo e la Rocca, principe della Scaletta, Messina, 1743–55
?Ruffo family, Messina, from 1755
?Vaughan, until 1810
sale, Christie's, London, 17 February 17, 1810, nr. 113, to Barnett
Sir Abraham Hume, Ashridge Park, Berkhampstead, Herts, by 1815–d. 1838
his grandson, John Hume Cust, Viscount Alford, Ashridge Park, 1838–d. 1851
his son, John William Spencer Brownlow Cust, 2nd Earl Brownlow, Ashridge Park, 1851–d. 1867
his brother, Adelbert Wellington Brownlow Cust, 3rd Earl Brownlow, Ashridge Park, 1867–at least 1893
Rodolphe Kann, Paris, by 1897–d. 1905
his estate, 1905–7, sold to Duveen
with Duveen, Paris and New York, 1907, sold to Huntington
Mrs. Collis P. (Arabella D.) Huntington, later [from 1913] Mrs. Henry E. Huntington, New York, 1907–d. 1924
her son, Archer M. Huntington, New York, 1924–28, sold to Duveen
with Duveen, New York, 1928, sold to Erikson
Alfred W. Erickson, New York, 1928–30, sold to Duveen
with Duveen, New York, 1930–36, sold to Erickson
Alfred W. Erickson, New York, d. 1936
his widow, Mrs. Alfred W. Erickson, New York, 1936–d. 1961
her estate sale, Parke-Bernet, New York, 15 November 1961, nr. 7, to MMA

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RKD 53707
Metropolitan Museum of Art Accession number 61.198

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