Woman with Unicorn

Anonymous - Woman with Unicorn

Woman with Unicorn
c. 1510
28 x 39 cm
Oil on canvas
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam


Sale, Richard von Kaufmann (1849-1908, Berlin), Berlin (Cassirer & Helbing), 4 December 1917 sqq., nr. 56, as Art des Giorgio Barbarelli, DM 34,000, to Prof. Dr Otto Lanz (1865-1935), Amsterdam
his widow, Anna Theresia Elisabeth Lanz - Willi (1870 - 1954), Amsterdam, 1935
from whom, CHF 2,000,000 and fl. 350,000, with xx other paintings, to Hans Posse (1879-1942), for Adolf Hitler’s Führermuseum, Linz, through the mediation of the dealer N. Katz, 1941
war recuperation, SNK, 15 February 1946 (inv. no. NK 2330)
on loan from the SNK to the museum, 1948 (inv. no. SK-C-1384)
transferred to the museum, 1960

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Rijksmuseum Accession number SK-A-3970