Gerard Dou

The doctor

Gerard Dou - The doctor


Lyckle de Vries, Verhalen uit kamer, keuken en kroeg, [Amsterdam], 2005, plate 35
Adriaan E. Waiboer, with Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr and Blaise Ducos, Vermeer and the masters of genre painting, Dublin, Washington, Paris, New Haven and London, 2017, fig. 83

Other works by Gerard Dou

Gerard Dou Rembrandt's Mother
Rembrandt's Mother

Gerard Dou The night school
The night school
c. 1660

Gerard Dou The Pancake Baker
The Pancake Baker
c. 1650-55

Gerard Dou Anna and the Blind Tobit
Anna and the Blind Tobit
c. 1630

Gerard Dou
The doctor
49.3 x 36.6 cm
Oil on panel
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna