Peter Paul Rubens

Queen Tomyris with the Head of Cyrus

Peter Paul Rubens - Queen Tomyris with the Head of Cyrus

Peter Paul Rubens
Queen Tomyris with the Head of Cyrus
c. 1622-23
205.1 x 361 cm
Oil on canvas
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Juliana Cheney Edwards Collection


Margaret D. Carroll, Painting and Politics in Northern Europe, University Park, Pa., 2008, fig. 143
Vanessa I. Schmid, with Julia I. Armstrong-Totten, The Orléans collection, Lewes, UK, 2018, fig. 1.5


probably Isabella Clara Eugenia (born 1566 - died 1633), Infanta of Spain, Brussels
by inheritance to Cardinal Infante Ferdinand (born 1609 or 1610 - died 1641), Brussels
sold in Brussels to an anonymous buyer, 1643
Matthijs Musson, Antwerp, by 1645
Christina, Queen of Sweden (born 1626 - died 1689), Rome, by 1662
bequeathed by Queen Christina to Cardinal Decio Azzolino (born 1623 - died 1689), Rome
by inheritance to his nephew, Marchese Pompeo Azzolino (died 1696), Rome, sold 1692 to Odescalchi
Pompeo Azzolino to Livio Odescalchi (born 1652 - died 1713), Duke of Bracciano, Rome, 1692-1713
by inheritance to his nephew, Baldassare Erba Odescalchi (died 1746), Rome
1721 sold by Odescalchi to Pierre Crozat (born 1665 - died 1740), Paris, for Philippe II (born 1674 - died 1723), Duc d'Orléans, Paris
by descent within the House of Orléans to Louis-Philippe-Joseph (born 1747 - died 1793), Duc d'Orléans, Paris
1792/93, sold from the Orléans collection to Thomas Moore Slade, London
April 1793, private sale of the Orléans collection through Slade, London, to John Bligh Darnley (born 1767 - died 1831), 4th Earl of Darnley, Cobham Hall, Kent
until at least 1914, by descent within the family to Ivo Francis Walter Darnley (born 1859 - died 1927), 8th Earl of Darnley, Cobham Hall
1919, acquired by Henry George Charles Lascelles (born 1882 - died 1947), 6th Earl of Harewood, Harewood House, Yorkshire
1941, sold by Harewood to Robert Langton Douglas for the MFA

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