Jacob van Ruisdael

Panoramic View of Haarlem

Jacob van Ruisdael - Panoramic View of Haarlem


Slive dub20 (perhaps by Ruisdael, figures attributable to Lingelbach)


Possibly Le Bas Courmont sale, Paris, 1792
Héris of Brussels, acting for Colonel Biré
by whom sold, Paris, Paillet, 25–26 March 1841, nr. 20, for 6,750 Francs
Tardieu and others sale, Paris, Drouot, 4 February 1851, nr. 19, for 5,800 Francs to Le Roy
Théodore Patureau
his sale, Paris, Drouot, 20–21 April 1857, nr. 29, for 9,700 Francs
Maurice Kann (1840–1891), Paris
with F. Kleinberger, Paris and New York, 1913
August Cornelius de Ridder (1837–1911), Villa Schönberg, Cronberg-im-Taunus
Marcus Kappel (1839–1919), Berlin, by 1914
his grandson, Dr Gerhart Noah, Berlin
by inheritance to his cousin, Walther Rathenau, Berlin
Ernst (later Ernest) G. Rathenau, Berlin and from 1938 New York
left by Rathenau for safekeeping with his cousin Dr F.J. Sedlmayr in 1939
from whom seized by the occupying German forces in Amsterdam and bought through Mühlmann by Hitler on 15 February 1941 for the Führer Museum in Linz (inv. nr. 1436)
recovered via the Munich Collecting Point where registered on 15 July 1945 (nr. 4336), and transferred to the Dutch authorities on 29 March 1946
Stichting Nederlands Kunstbezit, inv. nr. 621
returned in 1947 to Ernest G. Rathenau, New York (died 1986), and his sister Ellen Ettlinger Rathenau, Oxford (died 1994), although not formally received and signed for by them until 19th March 1951, together with a view of Amsterdam by Jan van der Heyden, possibly because they had been on exhibition
sold by their heirs to Otto Naumann, New York
with Noortman Master Paintings, Maastricht
by whom sold to the present owner before 2004
sale (the property of a private collector) Sotheby's, London, 5 December 2018, nr. 13

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Jacob van Ruisdael Landscape with Two Windmills
Landscape with Two Windmills

Jacob van Ruisdael Bleaching fields near Haarlem
Bleaching fields near Haarlem

Jacob van Ruisdael The Jetty
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c. 1660

Jacob van Ruisdael Waterfall with a Castle on a Mountain
Waterfall with a Castle on a Mountain

Jacob van Ruisdael
Panoramic View of Haarlem
53.5 x 67.5 cm
Oil on canvas
Sale Sotheby's, London, 5 December 2018