Adriaen Brouwer

Tavern Scene

Adriaen Brouwer - Tavern Scene


Katrien Lichtert (ed.), Adriaen Brouwer, Amsterdam, 2018, pp. 92-93


2018 Adriaen Brouwer. Master of emotions, Nr. 37

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National Gallery, London Accession number NG6591

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Adriaen Brouwer Two Peasants Fighting near a Barrel
Two Peasants Fighting near a Barrel
c. 1635/38

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The Back Operation
c. 1635-36

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c. 1630

Adriaen Brouwer
Tavern Scene
c. 1635
48 x 67 cm
Oil on panel
Signed on the step: Brouwer
The National Gallery, London