The Raising of Lazarus

Rembrandt - The Raising of Lazarus

The Raising of Lazarus
96.2 x 81.5 cm.
Oil on panel
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles
Gift of H. F. Ahmanson and Company, in memory of Howard F. Ahmanson


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG Zusätze 107A
Bredius 538
Bauch 51 info
Gerson 16
Bredius/Gerson 538 info
Corpus I A 30 info
Tümpel 42
Corpus VI 48 info
Manuth 42
Giltaij 578

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1956 Rembrandt - Paintings, Nr. 11


Probably collection of the artist, Amsterdam, until 1656
Possibly with Johannes de Renialme (ca. 1600–1657), Amsterdam
Possibly Abraham Fabritius (1629–1692), Amsterdam, by 1670
Possibly Pieter le Moine, Amsterdam, by 1674
Possibly David Grenier sale, Middleburg, 18 Aug. 1712, nr. 96
Possibly Anonymous sale, Amsterdam, 4 June 1727, nr. 2
Philippus Joseph de Jariges (1706–1770)
sale, Amsterdam, 14 Oct. 1772, nr. 24
Gottfried Winckler II (1731–1795), Leipzig, by descent to
Gottfried Winckler III, Leipzig
Jean François André Duval (1776–1854), Saint Petersburg and Geneva, by 1812
sale, London, 12–13 May 1846, nr. 116, to de Morny
Charles Auguste Louis Joseph de Morny, 1st Duke of Morny (1811–1865)
sale, Paris, 24 May 1852, nr. 17
Jules Beer
sale, Paris, 29 May 1913, nr. 52
with Sedelmeyer Gallery, Paris, 1913
Vicomte de Brimon, Paris
with Sedelmeyer Gallery, Paris, 1920
with R. Langton Douglas, London, by 1932
Madame Gertrude Dubi-Müller (1888–1980), Shanzmüle, Solothurn, Switzerland (on extended loan to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam), by 1932, sold 1959 to Ahmanson
Howard F. Ahmanson (1906–1968), Los Angeles, upon his death to
H.F. Ahmanson and Company, gift in 1972 to LACMA.

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