Honoré Daumier

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Honoré Daumier - Art Lovers


Paul Bureau
his sale, Galerie Georges Petit, Paris, 20 May 1927, 51, nr. 66 (repr.)
purchased by cma at the Bureau sale through Marcel Guiot

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The Cleveland Museum of Art Accession number 1927.208

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Honoré Daumier A Criminal Case
A Criminal Case
c. 1860

Honoré Daumier The Mountebanks Changing Place
The Mountebanks Changing Place

Honoré Daumier The Hypochondriac
The Hypochondriac

Honoré Daumier A Barrister Pleads the Case
A Barrister Pleads the Case

Honoré Daumier
Art Lovers
261 x 193 mm
Brush and gray and black wash, charcoal, and graphite, with orange and red wash
The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland
Dudley P. Allen Fund