Honoré Daumier

The Troubadour

Honoré Daumier - The Troubadour


Count Armand Doria [1824-1896] Orrouy, France, until 1896
Armand Doria sale, Galerie Georges Petit, Paris, May 4-5, 1899, nr. 132, sold to Ambroise Vollard
with Ambroise Vollard, Paris, by 1912, sold to Paul Cassirer
with Paul Cassirer, Berlin, 1912 - probably by 1915
Eduard Fuchs (1870-1940), Berlin-Zehlendorf, By 1928-1940, by descent to his wife, Margaret Fuchs
Margaret Fuchs, Paris and New York, 1940-1953, consigned to Justin K. Thannhauser
with Justin K. Thannhauser, New York, 1953, sold to Leonard C. Hanna, Jr.
Leonard C. Hanna Jr., Cleveland, OH, 1953-1958, bequeathed to the Cleveland Museum of Art
The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH

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The Cleveland Museum of Art Accession number 1958.23

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c. 1870

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Honoré Daumier
The Troubadour
83.6 x 56.8 cn
Oil on fabric
The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland
Bequest of Leonard C. Hanna, Jr.