Wassily Kandinsky - Bestimmt

Wassily Kandinsky
512 x 438 mm
Watercolor and brush and pen and India ink on paper laid down by the artist on card
Signed with monogram and dated, lower left: 29
Dated again, numbered and titled, on the reverse: 1929 No 357 -"Bestimmt"
Sale Christie's, New York, 14 November 2017


Nina Kandinsky, Neuilly-sur-Seine (wife of the artist; until at least 1953)
The Pinacotheca Gallery, New York
Kleemann Galleries, New York (circa 1957)
Royal Marks Gallery, New York
anonymous sale, Sotheby & Co., London, 4 July 1962, nr. 308
Brook Street Gallery, London (acquired at the above sale)
Heinz Berggruen, Paris
David B. Findlay Galleries, New York (acquired from the above, 1966)
Stanford Z. Rothschild, Baltimore (acquired from the above, June 1969)
gift from the above to the present owner
sale Christie's, New York, Property from the Rothschild Art Foundation, 14 November 2017, nr. 122

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