Edgar Degas - Dancers


Paul-André Lemoisne, Degas et son oeuvre, Paris,, 1946-48 - nr. 1223


1996 Degas beyond impressionism, Nr. 23

Other works by Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas After the bath, woman drying herself
After the bath, woman drying herself
c. 1900-05

Edgar Degas Violinist, Study for
Violinist, Study for "The Dance Lesson"
c. 1878-79

Edgar Degas Dancer with a fan
Dancer with a fan
c. 1897-1901

Edgar Degas Cliffs beside the sea
Cliffs beside the sea

Edgar Degas
c. 1897-1900
65.4 x 77.5 cm
Pastel and charcoal on tracing paper
The Reader's Digest Association Inc., Corporate Art Collection, New York