The woman taken in adultery

Rembrandt - The woman taken in adultery

The woman taken in adultery
83.8 x 65.4 cm
Oil on panel
Signed, bottom right: Rembrandt.f.1644.
The National Gallery, London


Catalogues raisonnés
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Bredius 566
Bauch 72 info
Gerson 208
Bredius/Gerson 566 info
Tümpel 63
Corpus V 3
Corpus VI 196 info
Manuth 66
Giltaij 610

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said to have been painted for Jan Six (1618-1700), Amsterdam, but this is unlikely and there seems to be no evidence that it was even in his collection
probably the painting of this subject by Rembrandt which is the highest valued painting in the inventory of the Amsterdam dealer, Johannes de Renialme, 1657,
the above painting is also in the inventory made in 1705 of the collection of Jacob Hinlopen, Amsterdam (deceased)
Willem Six (nephew of Jan Six), Amsterdam by 1718
Willem Six (d. 1733) sale, Amsterdam, 12 May 1734, lot 5 apparently bought in
said to have remained in the possession of the Six family until 1803 and to have been sold then, with some other pictures, to Coclers of Amsterdam
bought from Coders P.J. Lafontaine, Paris, 1803, who brought it to England in 1807
[Lafontaine] sale, London, 13 June 1807, lot 44, bought in
sold by Lafontaine the following day to John Julius Angerstein
National Gallery, London, purchased with the Angerstein collection in 1824

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National Gallery, London Accession number NG45

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