Hendrick Bloemaert - Bathsheba


H.S. Walker
sale Christie's, London, 30 July 1928, nr. 59, as 'Venetian School, Vertumnus and Pomona' (3 gns. to B. Moore)
anonymous sale, Brussels, Fievez, 23 December 1929
anonymous sale, Brussels, Palais des Beaux-Arts, 18 December 1946, nr. 261, as signed Abraham Bloemaert
anonymous sale, Brussels, Galerie Giroux, 19 March 1949, nr. 107, as Abraham Bloemaert
anonymous sale, Antwerp, Campo, 1 December 1981, nr. 306, as Manner of Abraham Bloemaert
private collection, Belgium, until recently
sale Christie's, New York, 30 October 2018, nr. 134

Other works by Hendrick Bloemaert

Hendrick Bloemaert Allegory on Winter
Allegory on Winter

Hendrick Bloemaert The Merry Drinker
The Merry Drinker

Hendrick Bloemaert Portrait of Joannes Putkamer (1600-1671) on his Deathbed
Portrait of Joannes Putkamer (1600-1671) on his Deathbed

Hendrick Bloemaert A fish seller
A fish seller

Hendrick Bloemaert
68.6 x 87 cm
Oil on canvas
Signed center right, on the fountain: H. Bloemaert fe.
Sale Christie's, New York, 30 October 2018