Jozef Israëls - Reapers

Jozef Israëls
1834 - 1911
390 x 592 mm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

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Rijksmuseum Accession number SK-A-2611

Other works by Jozef Israëls

Jozef Israëls 'Alone in the World'
'Alone in the World'
1834 - 1911

Jozef Israëls A Fisherman
A Fisherman
1834 - 1911

Jozef Israels Peeling Apples by the Window
Peeling Apples by the Window
c. 1890-95

Jozef Israels Left alone
Left alone

Jozef Israëls Alone
c. 1880-81