Attributed to Jan Lievens

The Feast of Esther

Attributed to Jan Lievens - The Feast of Esther


Catalogues raisonnés
Bredius 631 (Rembrandt)
Bauch A1 info
Bredius/Gerson 631 info
Corpus I C 2 (attributed to Jan Lievens) info
Werner Sumowski, Gemälde der Rembrandt-Schüler III, Landau/Pfalz, 1986, nr. 1181
Schnackenburg 26

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Possibly Comte de Calonne, Paris
his sale, London, 25-28 March 1775
B. Sommelinck, Ghent
his sale, Brussels, Flévez, 16 December 1936, nr. 80 (as Aert de Gelder, signed and dated 1632)
with P. de Boer, Amsterdam, until about 1939
with Charles A. de Burlet, Basel, until 1952
consigned in 1949 to Hans Schaeffer Galleries, New York
acquired by the North Carolina Museum of Art, 1952
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Attributed to Jan Lievens
The Feast of Esther
c. 1625
130 x 165 cm
Oil on canvas
North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, North Carolina