Nicolaes Berchem

Wild Boar Hunt

Nicolaes Berchem - Wild Boar Hunt


Michiel van Hoeken and Theodoor Hartsoeker, The Hague
their sale, The Hague, 1 May 1742 (Lugt 556), nr. 11 (405 guilders)
Willem Lormier, The Hague, 1742-1754
Govert van Slingelandt, The Hague, 1754-1767
his widow, Agatha Huydecoper, The Hague, 1767-1768
Van Slingelandt sale, The Hague, 18 May 1768 (Lugt 1683), nr. 21
the entire collection sold to Prince William V
Prince William V, The Hague, 1768-1795
confiscated by the French, transferred to the Muséum Central des Arts/Musée Napoléon (Musée du Louvre), Paris, 1795-1815
Royal Picture Gallery, housed in the Prince William V Gallery, The Hague, 1816
transferred to the Mauritshuis, 1822

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Mauritshuis, The Hague Accession number 12

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Nicolaes Berchem
Wild Boar Hunt
50.3 x 77.8 cm
Oil on canvas
Mauritshuis, The Hague