Gerard Dou

Old Woman at a Window

Gerard Dou - Old Woman at a Window


Werner Sumowski, Gemälde der Rembrandt-Schüler VI, Landau/Pfalz, 1994, nr. 2252


Nicolas de Montribloud
sale, Paillet and Julliot, Paris, 9 February 1784, nr. 36 to Tolozan
Claude Tolozan (1728–96), Paris
his sale, Paillet, 2 February 1801, nr. 28, to Lespinasse de Langeac
Possibly François-Antoine (Citoyen) Robit (ca. 1752–1815), Paris
with Michael Bryan, London
his private sale, London, 6 November 1801–31 May 1802, nr. 65
sale, Coxe, London, 9 May 1804, nr. 71
Walsh Porter (d. 1809)
his sale, Christie’s, London, 14 April 1810, nr. 27
with William Buchanan, London
his private sale, Charles Random De Berenger, London, 4 June 1810, nr. 34 (probably withdrawn)
sale, Christie’s, London, 21 June 1811, nr. 43, to William Smith
William Smith, Esq. M. P.
sale, Christie’s, London, 10 June 1815, nr. 87, unsold
Admiral Lord Radstock, London
his sale, Phillips, London, 19 April 1823, nr. 53, unsold
his sale, Christie’s, London, 12–13 May 1826, nr. 26, to Buchanan
with William Buchanan, London
his private sale, Christie’s, London, 21 April 1828, nr. 16, unsold
private sale, May 1828, nr. 25, unsold
sale, Christie’s, London, 28 June 1828, nr. 28, unsold
Sanderson Collection, Edinburgh, after 1826
Sir George Lee Collection, London, 1901
Sir George Hunter Donaldson (1845–1925), London, until 1911
with Sedelmeyer Gallery, Paris, 1911
with Trafalgar Galleries, London, 1977–80
private collection
private sale, Christie’s, New York, 30 April 2007, nr. 1964
with Otto Naumann Ltd., New York, 2007
from whom acquired by the present owner in 2007

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Leiden Collection, New York Accession number GD-103

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Gerard Dou
Old Woman at a Window
26.4 x 20.3 cm
Oil on panel
The Leiden Collection, New York