Vincent van Gogh

A Path Through the Ravine

Vincent van Gogh - A Path Through the Ravine


Catalogues raisonnés
F 662
JH 1804

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1890, passed from the artist to his brother, Theo van Gogh (born 1857 - died 1891), Paris
by 1908, Prince Alexandre Berthier de Wagram (died 1918), Paris
Barbazanges Art Gallery, Paris
by 1918, J.B. Stang, Oslo
1926, Leicester Galleries, London
1928, with Galerie Thannhauser, Lucerne and Berlin
1928 or 1929, sold by Thannhauser to Keith McLeod, Boston
1952, bequest of Keith McLeod to the MFA, accession date 16 October 1952

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Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Accession number 52.1524

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Vincent van Gogh
A Path Through the Ravine
73 x 91.7 cm
Oil on canvas
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Bequest of Keith McLeod