Claes Berchem

The infancy of Zeus

Claes Berchem - The infancy of Zeus


Collection catalogues
Compiled by Quentin Buvelot, Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague; Zwolle, 2004, pp. 62-63

C. Boschma, J.M. de Groot, G. Jansen, J.W.M. de Jong, F. Grijzenhout (eds.), Meesterlijk vee, Zwolle; 's-Gravenhage, 1988, fig. 110
Lyckle de Vries, Stories in gilded frames, Amsterdam, 2016, fig. 75


Gaillard de Gagny Collection, Paris, 1762
Abraham Gevers, Rotterdam, 1827
Mauritshuis, The Hague, purchased 1827

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Mauritshuis, The Hague Accession number 11

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Claes Berchem
The infancy of Zeus
202 x 262 cm
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated lower right: CBerrighem. 1648. (CB in ligature)
Mauritshuis, The Hague