St. Paul

Rembrandt - St. Paul


HdG 613
Valentiner 550
Benesch 15

Bernhard Schnackenburg, Jan Lievens, Petersberg, 2016, fig. 159
Rembrandt intime, Bruxelles, 2016, fig. 23


1988 Rembrandt et son école, Nr. 3

Other works by Rembrandt

Rembrandt The Entombment of Christ
The Entombment of Christ
c. 1632-33

Rembrandt St. Jerome in Prayer
St. Jerome in Prayer
c. 1632-33

Rembrandt Sketch of Tobias' Wife
Sketch of Tobias' Wife
c. 1636

Rembrandt The Liberation of St. Peter from Prison
The Liberation of St. Peter from Prison
c. 1648-49

St. Paul
c. 1629
236 x 201 mm
Red chalk and wash in indian ink, heightened with white body-colour
Louvre, Paris