Gabriel Metsu

A Man and a Woman at the Virginals

Gabriel Metsu - A Man and a Woman at the Virginals


Catalogues raisonnés
HdG 155
Waiboer A-115

Collection catalogues
Neil MacLaren, revised and expanded by Christopher Brown, The Dutch school, 1600-1900, London, 1991, pp. 255-256, plate 217
Christopher Baker and Tom Henry, The National Gallery complete illustrated catalogue, London, 2001, p. 451

Adriaan E. Waiboer, Gabriel Metsu, New Haven and London, 2010, fig. 28
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it is improbable that the present picture is to be identified, as HdG suggested, with that in the Lambert Witsen sale, Amsterdam, 25 May 1746, nr. 5, bought by Quinkhard, since the woman there is said to be in a satin dress, which is not the case here
[Michael] Bryan sale, London, 17-19 May 1798, 3rd day, nr. 28
collection of Lord Radstock
perhaps lent by (Sir) Robert Peel (Bart.) to the BI, 1823, nr. 75 or 1824, nr. 77
Robert Peel by 1833
National Gallery, London, purchased with the Peel collection, 1871
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National Gallery, London Accession number NG839

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Gabriel Metsu
A Man and a Woman at the Virginals
38.4 x 32.2 cm
Oil on panel
Signed, top right: G. Metsu
The National Gallery, London