Paul Cezanne

Male Nude

Paul Cezanne - Male Nude


James A. Ganz and Richard Kendall, The Unknown Monet, Williamstown, Mass.; New Haven, 2007, fig. 57


1988 Cezanne. The Early Years 1859-1872, Nr. 72

Other works by Paul Cezanne

Paul CÚzanne Male nude
Male nude
c. 1864-67

Paul CÚzanne Sheet of studies for The feast
Sheet of studies for The feast
c. 1863-66

Paul CÚzanne Head of Achille Emperaire
Head of Achille Emperaire
c. 1867-70

Paul CÚzanne Portrait of Camille Pissarro
Portrait of Camille Pissarro
c. 1873

Paul Cezanne
Male Nude
c. 1863
493 x 310 mm
Black chalk
The Firtzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge, UK