Govert Flinck

Self-Portrait in Fantasy Costume

Govert Flinck - Self-Portrait in Fantasy Costume


Catalogues raisonnés
Werner Sumowski, Gemälde der Rembrandt-Schüler II, Landau/Pfalz, 1983, nr. 666

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1999 Rembrandt by himself, Nr. 93


probably identical with the bust portrait of Rembrandt by Flinck, of the same size, which was in the collection of Graf von Schönborn, in Pommersfelden by 1857
Schönborn (Pommersfelden) sale, Paris, 17 sqq. May 1867, nr. 30, bought by Milberg
E. Hardy sale, Frankfurt, 14 October 1878, nr. 49
Dame Florence Emily Fernor-Hesketh sale, London, 6 March 1925, nr. 137, bought by Permain for Ayerst H. Buttery
National Gallery, London, presented by Ayerst H. Buttery, 1925

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RKD 30552
National Gallery, London Accession number NG4068

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Govert Flinck
Self-Portrait in Fantasy Costume
65.8 x 54.5 cm
Oil on panel
Signed on the right, towards the bottom: G.flinck/1639
The National Gallery, London