Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of a Young Woman with a Rosary

Peter Paul Rubens - Portrait of a Young Woman with a Rosary


Ivan Gaskell, Seventeenth century Dutch and Flemish painting, London, 1990, nr. 20


Possibly by descent from Philippe van Parys (husband of Ruben's daughter Clara Eugenia), or more likely from Philippe-Constant van Parys and his wife Catherine Rubens (grand-daughter of Rubens) to their son Canon Jean-Baptiste van Parys, Antwerp, died 1787
inherited by his sister, Isabelle, comtesse de Respani
inherited by her daughter Catherine-Hyacinthe, vicomtesse van der Fosse, died 1800, Brussels
probably inherited in turn by her son Alexandre-Franšois/Ghislain, vicomte van der Fosse (died 1840) and by his eldest daughter Justine, comtesse van der Stegen de Schriek (died 1853)
by whose heirs sold, Brussels, E. Le Roy, 6 October 1853, nr. 24 (Lugt 21540) to Lombard
possibly Pierre-Jean Huybrechts, died 1878
possibly Edmond Huybrechts, Antwerp, or his brother
possibly Alphonse Allard, Brussels
SÚnateur Prosper Crabbe, Brussels
his posthumous sale, Sedelmeyer, Paris, 12 June 1890, nr. 46 (Lugt 49222)
William Schaus, New York
his sale, American Art Galleries, New York, 28 February 1896, nr. 24 (Lugt 54138)
Henry Walters, Baltimore
inherited by his widow
by whom sold Parke-Bernet, New York, 3 May 1941, nr. 1196 to Mondschein
with Mondschein and Heinemann, New York
with Frederick Mont, New York in 1946
Freiherr Ludwig-Peter von P÷lnitz, the Argentine, by 1953
by whom sold Sotheby's, London, 20 February 1974, nr. 126 to Trebor
sold Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, 23 March 1978, nr. 447
with Franšois Heim, Paris, by 1978
Palessi, Rome, by 1979
from whom acquired by the collection

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Peter Paul Rubens
Portrait of a Young Woman with a Rosary
107 x 76.7 cm
Oil on panel
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid