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Godfried Schalcken

(1643 - 1706)

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Books on Godfried Schalcken

Thierry Beherman
Godfried Schalcken
Paris, 1988

Books with substantial mentioning of Godfried Schalcken

Mirjam Neumeister
Holländische Gemälde im Städel 1550-1800, Band 3: Künstler geboren nach 1630
Petersberg, 2010
Nicole Birnfeld
Der Künstler & seine Frau, Studien zu Doppelbildnissen des 15.-17. Jahrhunderts
Weimar, 2009

Catalogues with an entry on Godfried Schalcken

Ben Broos and Ariane van Suchtelen
Portraits in the Mauritshuis, 1430-1790
The Hague; Zwolle, 2004
R.E.O. Ekkart
Nederlandse portretten uit de 17e eeuw/Dutch portraits from the seventeenth century, Eigen collectie/Own collection
Rotterdam, 1995

Articles on Godfried Schalcken

Peter Hecht, Art beats nature, and painting does so best of all: the paragone competition in Duquesnoy, Dou and Schalcken, in Simiolus, 29, 2002 pp. 184-201
Peter Hecht, Candlelight and Dirty Fingers, or Royal Virtue in Disguise: Some Thoughts on Weyerman and Godfried Schalken, in Simiolus, 11, 1980 pp. 23-38  read online
Erik Larsen, A Self-Portrait by Godfried Schalcken, in Oud Holland, 79, 1964 pp. 78-79
G.H. Veth, Aanteekeningen omtrent eenige Dordrechtse schilders, in Oud Holland, 10, 1892 pp. 1-16

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