Vincent van Gogh, The drawings

Colta Ives, Susan Alyson Stein, Sjraar van Heugten, and Marije Vellekoop

Title:Vincent van Gogh, The drawings
Place:New York; Amsterdam; New Haven and London
Publisher:Metropolitan Museum of Art; Van Gogh Museum; Yale University Press
Pages:xii, 380
ISBN:1588391647 (hardcover), 1588391655 (pbk.), 030010720X (Yale University Press)
Related persons: Vincent van Gogh

Catalogue to the exhibition Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings


vi  George David, Sponsor's Statement
vii  John Leighton, Philippe de Montebello, Directors' Foreword
x  Colta Ives, Susan Alyson Stein, Sjraar van Heugten, Marije Vellekoop, Preface and Acknowledgments
3  Colta Ives, Out of Line: How Van Gogh Made His Mark
21  Susan Alyson Stein, The Paper Trail: From Portfolios to Posterity
41  Sjraar van Heugten, Metamorphoses: Van Gogh's Drawings Then and Now
56  Sjraar van Heugten, The Dutch Years, 1880-85
122  Sjraar van Heugten, Antwerp and Paris, 1885-88: The Academy and the Avant-Garde
144  Susan Alyson Stein, Arles, 1888-89: The Synthesis
147  Susan Alyson Stein, First Encounters
164  Colta Ives, A Visit to the Sea
189  Colta Ives, Summer Harvest
222  Susan Alyson Stein, Figure and Portrait Drawings
236  Colta Ives, The Heights of Montmajour
248  Colta Ives, Gardens, Parks, and Byways
266  Susan Alyson Stein, Répétitions: Drawings after Paintings
278  Susan Alyson Stein, Drawing to a Close
294  Marije Vellekoop, Saint-Rémy, 1889-90: Taking Asylum
330  Marije Vellekoop, Auvers, 1890: Return to the North
348  Marjorie Shelley with scientific analysis by Silvia A. Centeno, Technical Studies: Observations on the Drawing Materials Used by Van Gogh in Provence

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